Who We Are

We envision a world of peace through God-centered families.

The Family Peace Association seeks to enlighten humanity by uplifting their spiritual consciousness through universal principles and values rooted in God-centered families.


We bring focus to the profound significance of the family as the cornerstone of a world of peace.  By engaging individuals, families and organizations, we seek to build a global movement to inspire, promote, and cultivate families centered on God’s love. 


We work in partnership to provide education and support for individuals and families to build strong, healthy, loving families that practice true love beyond all barriers of religion, race, ethnicity, and nation.

What we believe

  • God is the ultimate source of happiness, freedom, peace, and human rights.

  • Each person must cultivate his/her character and capacity to love through a personal relationship with God.

  • Humans are eternal spiritual beings. Therefore, living a moral and principled life is an absolute necessity.

  • Individuals realize their full potential through fulfilling their God-given responsibility through right choices and actions.

  • The family is the “school of love.” When centered on God’s love, the family becomes a building block of peaceful communities, nations and world.

  • The full expression of God’s masculine and feminine qualities is manifested in the unity of man and woman as a complementary pair in marriage and in the formation of a family.

  • The most fundamental attribute of God-centered families is the practice of true love, living for the sake of others. Such families manifest God’s ideal and set the precedent for a peaceful, ideal world.

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