Local & Global Service Opportunities

Local & Global Service Opportunities

Local and Global Service

Service and volunteering is one of the most effective ways to practice “true love,” living for the sake of others. Family Peace Association engage families in projects that use the talents and abilities of the community to benefit the larger community, nation and world.

Students experience God's love in nature.


FPA does fundraising for good causes, such as Relief Efforts for Nepal Earthquake Victims, aid for military victims of PTSD, Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), Food Relief for North Korean Orphanages, etc.

Community Service Projects 

FPA initiates service projects in local communities as well as joining in joint projects with other organizations. For example, MLK Day of Service, environmental clean-up projects, soup kitchens, book drives, creating nature walking paths, and service to Senior Citizens Homes.

Students experience God's love in nature.


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Youth Leadership Training

Youth Leadership Training

Youth Leadership Training

Leadership Task Force (LTF) and Jr. Leadership Task Force (Jr. LTF) are leadership programs that seeks to cultivate candidates’ understanding of their identity as God’s children and train them to become moral and innovative leaders.

The program incorporates cognitive, experiential and spiritual education and encourages application into candidates’ daily life.

Leadership Task Force

Leadership is not developed overnight, in a month, or even a year. LTF is a 7-year investment that seeks to develop a candidate’s highest potential in becoming a force for good in the family, community, nation and world. 

Students experience God's love in nature.

Stage One

The first stage is an intensive full-time one-year overseas program with cognitive and experiential education. In addition to education on spiritual growth and practical tools for leadership, education, LTF members plan out projects and partnerships in other nations, work together to raise funds for their goals, execute planned objectives in each field, and evaluate their collective performance. With a combination of individual growth and team-based project implementation, LTF seeks to instill both spiritual and physical aspects of leadership.

Near the end of the first stage of LTF, special time is taken to build each member’s life mission statement, hone their future plans, and develop concrete short and long term checkpoints within their life.

Stage Two

The second stage of LTF is conducted in the member’s respective home country, where they learn to be leaders in their local FPA community and broader society. LTF members strive to become role models in their communities and schools, using the knowledge and skillsets developed in the first year.

Students experience God's love in nature.
Students experience God's love in nature.

Stage Three

The third stage of LTF is mission-based: LTF members will be full-time workers and leaders in FPA or other key peace organizations. This is when they start to make substantial impacts in their respective fields. Through their mission, they will strive to become leaders in every sense of the word.

Program Opportunities

“Throughout my year in LTF, I have gained an experience that is life-changing, extremely educational, and applicable for the rest of my life. I have been able to understand what a leader for God’s providence is, why they are needed, and how I can train myself to become such a leader. I was able to see what a providentially significant person must be, centered and aligned to God’s vision, values, and goals. The internal and external education our team went through, the goal-setting process and many arguments we had to find out the truth about our path, and the teamwork that LTF has built up has shown me that God’s vision is substantial, possible, and developed, not idealistically, but substantially through each person’s 5% responsibility.”


First Class of LTF

Junior Leadership Task Force

Jr. Leadership Task Force (Jr. LTF) is the precursor to Leadership Task Force program. Jr. LTF is designed for middle school and high school youth. Just as LTF focuses on raising leaders through challenge, Jr. LTF encourages candidates to go beyond their limits.

Students experience God's love in nature.

Yearly Summer Workshops

Every summer, Jr. LTF workshops assess their personal growth over the past year. Workshop participants learn tools to cultivate their character, leadership, and most importantly their desire to live for the greater good. The workshops are designed to challenge participants through activities that include fundraising, outdoor adventures and service projects.

Fundraising not only raises money for a good cause, it is a good exercise that develops character. Approaching strangers and presenting a cause forces the participants to look deeper within themselves in order to achieve their goals. Participant have to think outside themselves and strive to do better for others. In the process, the participants learn how to better express their beliefs to others and they gain conviction in themselves.

Outdoor education makes up an integral part of the workshop. The physical challenges provides lessons on how to overcome self-imposed limitations in order to reach a summit. Participants also learn to work together with fellow participants.

Leadership at Home

Leadership development is a long term process. Jr. LTF workshops provide tools to empower participants to take ownership over their personal development during the following year. At the conclusion of each workshop, participants set clear goals. Over the course of the year, participants continue to participate in their local community through physical training, education, and community involvement. The accomplishments of the participants are monitored and the outstanding individuals are recognized.

Students experience God's love in nature.


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Spiritual Growth in Creation

Spiritual Growth in Creation

Spiritual Growth in Creation

Family Peace Association conducts “Outdoor Adventure Workshops” for all ages above elementary school that involve more intensive experiences in nature.

FPA’s Outdoor Adventure Programs offer participants experiential learning opportunities in the greatest classroom of all – God’s pristine Creation. Immersed in a wilderness setting, participants have the opportunity to apply theoretical principles in a challenging environment that tests and cultivates their character and spirit.

Activities range from hiking 10,000 foot peaks, 4 day overnight hikes, orienteering competitions, 30-hour solo reflection times, campfire bonding talks and more.

Program Objectives:

Cultivate Intellectual Honesty

Unlike the environments participants are used to in contemporary society, nature provides un-abridged feedback to their decisions and actions. Nature gives participants the opportunity to see themselves honestly based on the immediate feedback provided by nature.

Personal Relationship with God

Participants are encouraged to seek a genuine, personal relationship with God during the adventure workshop. Free from the distractions of modern civilization, participants are guided to focus their attention on the more essential matters of life. Insincere attitudes and too casual behavior are discouraged in order to challenge participants to reflect more deeply and sincerely on their spiritual lives.


Ample time is given at the end of each day for journal writing and reflection. As the goal for the day’s experiences is to internalize valuable lessons and apply them to daily life after the program, written reflections are an essential part of the program.

Challenging your limitations

Based on an honest self-assessment of their current spiritual, mental, emotional and physical state, participants are given opportunities to challenge their limitations to expedite their growth and development and make a habit of striving for excellence. Participants set internal and external goals daily, while also being guided on the importance of choosing goals that will not needlessly endanger the safety of themselves or others.


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Marriage & Family

Marriage & Family

Marriage and Family Education

Peaceful families are the substantial building blocks for a peaceful world. The Family Peace Association brings a new approach to spiritual life with a core focus of providing principle-based educational content for the entire family. FPA believes marriage is a blessing from God that grants couples the gift of co-creation with God as they build God-centered families by bringing new life into this world.

FPA provides profound and indispensable marriage and family education that provides the foundation for truly happy and meaningful marriages and families blessed by God. FPA is continuously developing its marriage and family education content. Central to FPA’s family education is “true love,” an unconditional love that originates and emulates the character of God the creator.


Marriage Preparation

Students experience God's love in nature.

Family Peace Association believes marriage is a blessing bequeathed by God through which a couple which unites the masculine and feminine aspects of God who become parents who form a God-centered family. FPA’s approach to marriage focuses on the joining of two families who form a new lineage that expands into an extended family that is passed on through generations living harmoniously .

Marriage preparation workshops are available for high school age and above. Workshops are held every quarter. Education content includes the significance and purpose of marriage, how to make a commitment, purity and preparation before marriage, complementary aspects of masculinity and femininity, and how to cultivate good relationships in the extended family.

An outdoor adventure component is included in marriage preparation workshops to allow participants to reflect on the education and how to apply it in their life. Personal mentoring is also available to help guide each participant in their personal journey to prepare for a healthy God-centered marriage.

Couples Education

True love requires patience and effort. It is a long-term investment towards an eternal relationship. FPA runs monthly programs for young couples, covering various topics relevant to couples that are striving for a God-centered relationship of true love.

Examples of Couples’ Workshop Topics:

  • What it means to be a God-centered couple
  • How to invite God into our relationship
  • The unique value and qualities of man and woman
  • Building a holistic relationship
  • Preparing to be a good father and mother
  • Sexual relationship of true love
  • Building an extended family
Students experience God's love in nature.

Parent Education

Students experience God's love in nature.

The parent-child relationship defines the relationship between God and human beings. When people become parents and experience intense unconditional love for their children, they get a taste of God’s heart towards humanity. God feels tremendous joy when his children grow to resemble His character, just as a parent feels great pride and joy as their child grows and matures. It is the desire of every parent that their children grow up to become respectable citizens that are able to contribute to society, and create a loving family of their own. FPA conducts regular meetings on parenting as well as organizes Family Workshops for more in-depth education.

Young parents’ meetings are held monthly for parents with infants or toddlers. Discussion is based off of books written by experts on parenting and marriage relationships.

Topics Include:

  • What is your child’s love language?
  • How do you discipline your child?
  • How do you create a good family culture?
  • How do you deal with siblings’ rivalry?
  • What is your view on academic education?
  • How do you cultivate your child’s character?

Family Support, Counseling and Intervention Services

FPA provides support for family through small group meetings and one on one family visitations to help families overcome various challenges that may emerge between couples, between parents and children and crisis that children may face.


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For College & Young Professionals

For College & Young Professionals

Core Values Life

Core Values for Life (CVL) is Family Peace Association’s a spiritual community for young adults.

Age range: 17 (after high school) to young professionals. Those who are married and are beginning family life usually move on to join the Young Families’ Programs.

Mission Statement: CVL is a faith community of young adults that supports each other in developing qualities essential to raising a healthy God-centered family.

CVL Values







Living for the Greater Good

Living for the Greater Good is the most essential core value of CVL. As stated in the Mission Statement, CVL aims to prepare young adults to raise healthy God-centered families. In a healthy family, every member strives every day to practice true love, which means willingly and joyfully sacrificing one’s desires for the benefit of others. The family is the school of love where one expands their heart through the “Four Great Realms of Heart”. Such a family expands their love out to the greater community through acts of service.



Each person needs to own their relationship with God and their knowledge of the truth. Weekly study sessions are held for the research of Divine Principle, and other holy texts. CVL also encourages learning about the beliefs of other faiths in order to gain a richer understanding of various beliefs and come to one’s own conclusions of what is true. Young adults in CVL also learn to articulate their beliefs through outreaching to colleagues.



CVL takes mentorship seriously. Mentoring is about guiding the growth and development of others. Everyone in CVL is assigned a mentor and mentee. Mentees are at least a year younger than their mentor. Being is a mentor is not always easy – it can be frustrating at times especially when the mentee is not responsive. In CVL, we have developed guidelines of how to be a good mentor. Investing one’s whole heart into the spiritual growth another person is great training for future parenting.


Dream Big

Before one can conquer the universe, he/she must first conquer himself/herself. In order to achieve great things, one must have self-mastery. Often times, the greatest obstacle in life is oneself. CVL emphasizes the importance of striving for excellence in everything one does. It is the hope of Family Peace Association that young people in CVL are trained to become great moral leaders in society.

Students experience God's love in nature.

Regular Actives of CVL:

• Mentorship meetings (bi-weekly)
• Service Projects (quarterly)
• Principle Workshops (bi-annual)
• Principle Research Study Groups (bi-weekly)
• Adventure Programs (bi-annual)
• Nation-wide Video Conference Calls (bi-weekly)
• Fellowship Gatherings (up to local community)


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