Building a God-Centered Family

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We are a worldwide network of families striving to create
God-centered families as the foundation of a world of peace.

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Featured Initiatives

The Family Peace Association provides a platform for our members to develop and share resources that support families as they cultivate strong, healthy families and thriving communities. 

Leadership Task Force

A one-year leadership training program designed for college-age youth focused on cultivating character and leadership to lead in their family, community, nation and world. 

Family Peace Academy

Parents explore topics like “Creating Healthy Parent-Child Connections,” “Peaceful Families and a Peaceful World,” “Marriage and Relationships,” in study groups and workshops . 

Core Values in the Home

 A joint effort of parents and volunteers that is developing resources and support for parents as they embark to raise their children from childhood to adulthood in core values and spiritual principles.

Outdoor Adventure Education

Programs offer youth, individuals and families experiential learning opportunities in God’s pristine Creation. 


Dr. Hyun Jin P. Moon and Dr. Junsook Moon

Dr. and Mrs. Moon founded the Family Peace Association to help people establish God-centered families that uphold universal principles and shared values, the foundation for the well-being of all people and a world of peace. Recognizing that families are the most fundamental unit of every society, they work across religions, nationalities, and ethnicity.


A Story of Thanksgiving in Nature
A Story of Thanksgiving in Nature

I bet that if people spent a little time each day, just a minute staring at the stars at night or looking out across forests, mountains, or sparkling water, they would live a lot differently. I was trudging up a rocky trail, a worn path up a rather steep...

Alternatives to Screen Time
Alternatives to Screen Time

Ah, the convenience of technology. Smartphones, tablets, entertainment subscriptions, and online video streaming is making it easier to keep kids busy when mom and dad are working hard running to work, taking care of other siblings, cooking meals, or...

One Step at a Time – Oh, and Focus on Your Breathing
One Step at a Time – Oh, and Focus on Your Breathing

The summit looked so far as it played peek-a-boo through the morning mist. It always did at the start of the journey. But Ken was experienced enough to know that if you kept looking up at the summit, it was easy to get discouraged. The point was to start,...

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