Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon and Dr. Junsook Moon

Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon and his wife, Dr. Junsook Moon are the founders of the Family Peace Association.

They are driven by their love for God and care for humanity that informs their conviction that all people are endowed by God with intrinsic value and inalienable rights. To this end, they have been tireless fighters for peace and outspoken advocates for human rights and fundamental freedoms.

They backed the development of cutting-edge approaches to peacebuilding that address the root of conflict. These approaches have been applied to hot spots around the world, bringing peace to communities and nations that have struggled with centuries of identity-based conflict.

Dr. and Mrs. Moon have pushed leaders of all sectors, from the grassroots and heads of state, non-profit and business, religious and public, to be vision-driven, guided by moral principles and a heart of service. Their leadership initiatives and personal example have created a network of leaders working together to uplift a higher standard of leadership as they transform their nations and regions to bring peace and prosperity of not only their citizens, but the world.

Dr. Moon and Mrs. Moon established the Family Peace Association to draw attention and put effort into the simple but profound solution to the vexing challenges of our time – the family. As the most fundamental unit of every society and the core of humanity’s spiritual consciousness – he hopes to work with religions and people of conscious from all walks of life to build an association that can touch the lives of every individual and family, bringing them closer to God, uplifting their fundamental values, and empowering them to manifest God’s truth, goodness and righteousness in their communities and nations.

Dr. Moon is an avid outdoorsman, a two-time Olympic athlete and a graduate of Columbia University, majoring in history, with a Master of Business Administration from Harvard Business School. Dr. Jun Sook Moon graduated with a Masters of Music from The Julliard School. They both graduated from the Unification Theological Seminary with a Masters in Religious Education. Dr. Hyun Jin Moon has received a professor honoris causa from the Uni-Anhanguera University Center of Goias in Brazil. He has also received an honorary doctorate from Sun Moon University in Korea. 

Dr. Moon and his wife are the proud parents of nine children and a growing number of grandchildren.

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