Jr. Leadership Task Force Indonesia Adventures

Jr. Leadership Task Force Indonesia Adventures

Jr. Leadership Task Force members traveled from the United States and Korea to participate in service projects, leadership development workshops, cultural expeditions and an interfaith assembly in Indonesia.

One thing I realized is that we need to have the perspective of wanting the religions’ harmonization not by letting it be different and just co-existing, but by seeing beyond the identities the religions give to people and recognizing that they are all children of God. True world peace can happen only if God is in the center to really prove the most fundamental bond between us and the people in the world as brothers and sisters who have one same parent.

Ohnshim (18)

Jr. LTF USA member

I realized many points when we went to the village for the service project. One is that seeing each other as members of one global family is possible. We were immediately able to connect even though we met for the first time in our lives. I also realized that service really helps melt all the different cultural differences as long as we look at each other from God’s perspective.

Pilsung (14)

Jr. LTF USA member

Fundraising Campaign Inspires God-Centered Leadership for Jr. LTF

Fundraising Campaign Inspires God-Centered Leadership for Jr. LTF

Seattle, Washington: Ten middle and high school students demonstrated their passion for God-centered leadership today at the kickoff for a fundraising campaign as part of Junior Leadership Task Force (Jr. LTF).

Kenshu Aoki talks about spiritual growth and leadership

As a leadership training program, Jr. LTF is a Family Peace Association platform that incorporates cognitive, experiential and spiritual education while encouraging candidates to apply those lessons to their daily life.

Kenshu Aoki introduced the theme of the fundraising project, “Taking Ownership over my Leadership Training.” He emphasized the importance of challenge to personal growth, explaining how fundraising not only contributes a great service to those in need, but also provides an opportunity to set jungsung, a sincere heart to live for the sake of others.

Fundraising also provides individuals with a unique opportunity for self-discovery. “You can grow your character through fundraising” said Kenshu. “For example, You might find yourself getting frustrated at your partner for some reason. In that moment, you can either get upset or see it as an opportunity to grow your love and patience for others. It teaches you lessons for life.”

Jr. LTF prepares for a week of fundraising with handmade boxes

In preparation for the fundraising campaign, Jr. LTF practiced by role-playing with their teammates. Partners worked together to carefully assembled products and portfolios before a quick fundraising run to kick-off the campaign.

Jr. LTF USA fundraisers will spend a week raising money to support villages in Indonesia. FPA will partner with organizations that combine solar technology with clean water solutions, education, income generation and public-private partnerships to improve the overall quality of life in impoverished communities.

Jr. LTF members from around the world will join the full ten-day program in Indonesia starting on July 30.

Koichi Mito explains fundraising goals

Something Greater than Ourselves: LTF Reflections

Something Greater than Ourselves: LTF Reflections

Leadership Task Force (LTF) provides opportunities for young adults to practice and develop leadership skills that continually benefit the people they serve. Service projects are a major component of helping LTF participants reflect on their own spiritual growth and put their determinations into action.

In December 2016, LTF went to Nepal to perform a series of service projects. Namsik Yoo from the United States shared his reflection on fundraising to prepare for the service trip.

Namsik Yoo

“What I realized when preparing for all the activities is that none of this is prepared or realized for my own sake or for the sake of our LTF team. But, LTF came here, I came here, for a purpose greater than ourselves or myself. For some reason, this point kept coming into my mind whenever I was preparing for each activity and whenever we were wrapping up each activity. I realize that the reason was that before coming to Nepal, what I or what my team members would constantly emphasize whenever fundraising or when we would plan our activities, is that everything we are doing is for the sake of Nepal.

Whenever I was going through a hardship during fundraising, I would always tell myself to think about the children who are waiting for us in Nepal. Whenever planning out the activities with my team members, I would keep asking myself, ‘What do the Nepali people need?’ Hence, if I had just gone to Nepal with everything already prepared and I had not done anything before coming, then there would be nothing I could offer besides small external service work and making friends. Most importantly, without the internal preparation, I would not be able to contribute in allowing the people we meet to feel any sort of transformation. The fundraising that we did was not just simply raising money to support the activities we will be doing in Nepal, and the project planning was not just simply organizing the activities, but this was a process of setting jungsung for something greater than ourselves.”  -NAMSIK YOO, USA

Experiencing God’s Creation: Hiking in Washington

Experiencing God’s Creation: Hiking in Washington

“I felt like a new bud, pushing and fighting to break the surface of the soil and springing up, refreshed and alive.”

Hikers overlook Rattlesnake Ledge in Washington state

Hiking in nature is one of the most challenging and satisfying ways to learn more about yourself and others and tune in to our purpose as God’s creation.

Gratitude and adventure: this is exactly what some young adults of the FPA community in Seattle experienced on their hike to Rattlesnake Ledge in Washington state last weekend.

Organized as a send-off to a beloved sister who would be returning home to Japan after a full year in the Seattle community, the hikers were amazed by the beautiful weather. “It was like this day was made just for her,” said one sister about Misato Matsuoka.

Family Peace Association encourages outdoor adventures like this one because it fosters self-reflection and spiritual growth. When we are freed from the distractions of modern civilization, we are given the opportunity to see ourselves for who we really are, affected equally by nature, no matter our status in society, and think deeply about our attitude and goals.



Leadership Task Force: 2017 Philippines Gallery

Leadership Task Force: 2017 Philippines Gallery

Photography by Takae Goto

“Despite the cultural shock and differences at the opening ceremony, I started to love the children as my younger brothers and sisters. It was the same love I had towards my school mates and community members that I was sharing in the village. Although we don’t speak the same language or have the same lifestyle, I felt that we are still one family with the same heart that everybody has.”

Takae Goto

LTF 3rd Class

Ownership Mentality: LTF Reflections

Ownership Mentality: LTF Reflections

Leadership Task Force (LTF) displayed ownership in living for the sake of others in a series of service projects conducted in Nepal this December. Projects included renovating a local school, providing character education for children, and participating as mentors in a sports festival for the local community. Isul Jimenuz Dure from Colombia shared her moving testimony following her Nepal experience.

LTF 3rd class member from Columbia, Isul Dure, volunteers in women’s education project in Nepal

“What I realized during the volunteering service time was that if I really put all my heart in everything that I do, being a real owner of every single thing, that mindset will turn into my actions, and my actions is something that the people will see and I will be able to transform people’s hearts. In Dhading, I was able to see that, although I wasn’t able to talk so much with the volunteers during the program, as the days went by, I was able to see how they were getting inspired by the fact that people from different countries came to support their country. On the last day, I was so surprised, because one guy told me that he really wanted to make a contribution for other people; that he really wanted to share all that he was able to learn during this time here and that he really wanted to make a change. Those words were so precious to me because, even through small actions, we can start to make a change for the sake of God. Having an ownership mentality is not easy, but I was able to see how much impact it had on the people.” -ISUL JIMENEZ DURE, COLOMBIA

View full Nepal Gallery here.

Photography by: Takae Goto