Jr. Leadership Task Force Fundraising Reflections

Jr. Leadership Task Force Fundraising Reflections

Seattle, Washington: Family Peace Association’s Jr. Leadership Task Force (Jr. LTF) in the United States completed a successful five-day fundraising campaign on July 17. Participants came out inspired, moved and even more determined to contribute to the world as sons and daughters of God.

Here is what Jr. LTF had to say about their fundraising opportunity.

Every morning Jr. LTF study internal guidance with their fundraising partner to spiritually prepare for the day

“It’s not really in my character to speak out to people I don’t know, so I definitely know the mental challenge of fundraising. We talked about challenges throughout the week, but it’s only through challenge that we grow. In one sense, I’d like to believe that overcoming challenge during the fundraising allowed me to see the people and the area I live in from a new perspective. When you’re out there, you’re conveying your beliefs to complete strangers. When you’re talking to people you have to explain your beliefs and values. Opportunities like that, bottom line, are good chances to grow. It helps affirm your beliefs, conviction, motivation and faith. Fundraising is definitely a spiritual, internal exercise. Through challenges you’re able to learn and grow and figure out where you stand and be honest with yourself.” —Piljin

“My internal goal was to view things from God’s perspective and to have a positive attitude and motivation to be able to live for the sake of others… I realized that by having humility and gratitude all the time, and by serving others with true love, I was able to accomplish my goal. So, motivation of heart is so important.” —Sumika

“The last day, I invested a lot but I wasn’t making a lot of money. I was always asking ‘Why, God?’ Later, after the last run, I had sort of given up. At first I was in denial saying to myself that it was impossible. But I went on to push myself four more hours past the last run and actually finished my goal. I learned to never give up, even to the very end.” —Taejin

Sunny shares her testimony at the end of a long day of fundraising

“It was challenging but I realized that these conditions and jungsung actually has to be done for there to be blessing. And not 100%, but 110% has to be made.” —Sunny

“We thanked God before knocking at every door and felt extremely thankful even if they only opened the door. It was a truly amazing experience… We went to every door in the apartment, not wasting any time, and continued working extremely hard. I felt extremely thankful to God that everything turned out well in the end. The realization is that you really have to try your best in every person and keep a good attitude and then fortune will come.” —Pilsung

“We were there fundraising as a representative of God, not just as a person raising money for some workshop. For God, every single one of the people we met today are the children of God, and He must have invested so much into their lives, so for God, He would really, really want to talk to them. If we are able to do that for Him, that’s just the best reason to go up to them and talk to them. That put me into perspective.” —Ohnshim

Jr. LTF takes to the streets to tell people about upcoming projects and fundraise for the latest service opportunity

“We were told in the last run to make it count, to set all 100% of our internal mind on God. I felt like that was a really important part, and I tried my best with it, and I realized that the external part of making money is not as important as the internal part, because if the internal part is right, then the external naturally follows.” —Hyangbok

“I tried my best, thinking that whenever I saw someone, I wanted to go to as many people as I could as a representative of God. Because everyone is a child of God, I wanted to somehow— even if they reject me— at least maybe I could help them have some kind of impact through me. I was hoping that impact could spread.” —Masaya

“My internal goal was to not be fearful and not hesitate but my overall goal for this whole fundraising was to stay focused and positive. When I finally took that final step and really tried to give it my all, that was when I was able to get results and proof that I was working hard. It shows how consistent attitude really helps a lot when you’re trying to accomplish something.” —Pilchul

Something Greater than Ourselves: LTF Reflections

Something Greater than Ourselves: LTF Reflections

Leadership Task Force (LTF) provides opportunities for young adults to practice and develop leadership skills that continually benefit the people they serve. Service projects are a major component of helping LTF participants reflect on their own spiritual growth and put their determinations into action.

In December 2016, LTF went to Nepal to perform a series of service projects. Namsik Yoo from the United States shared his reflection on fundraising to prepare for the service trip.

Namsik Yoo

“What I realized when preparing for all the activities is that none of this is prepared or realized for my own sake or for the sake of our LTF team. But, LTF came here, I came here, for a purpose greater than ourselves or myself. For some reason, this point kept coming into my mind whenever I was preparing for each activity and whenever we were wrapping up each activity. I realize that the reason was that before coming to Nepal, what I or what my team members would constantly emphasize whenever fundraising or when we would plan our activities, is that everything we are doing is for the sake of Nepal.

Whenever I was going through a hardship during fundraising, I would always tell myself to think about the children who are waiting for us in Nepal. Whenever planning out the activities with my team members, I would keep asking myself, ‘What do the Nepali people need?’ Hence, if I had just gone to Nepal with everything already prepared and I had not done anything before coming, then there would be nothing I could offer besides small external service work and making friends. Most importantly, without the internal preparation, I would not be able to contribute in allowing the people we meet to feel any sort of transformation. The fundraising that we did was not just simply raising money to support the activities we will be doing in Nepal, and the project planning was not just simply organizing the activities, but this was a process of setting jungsung for something greater than ourselves.”  -NAMSIK YOO, USA

Experiencing God’s Creation: Hiking in Washington

Experiencing God’s Creation: Hiking in Washington

“I felt like a new bud, pushing and fighting to break the surface of the soil and springing up, refreshed and alive.”

Hikers overlook Rattlesnake Ledge in Washington state

Hiking in nature is one of the most challenging and satisfying ways to learn more about yourself and others and tune in to our purpose as God’s creation.

Gratitude and adventure: this is exactly what some young adults of the FPA community in Seattle experienced on their hike to Rattlesnake Ledge in Washington state last weekend.

Organized as a send-off to a beloved sister who would be returning home to Japan after a full year in the Seattle community, the hikers were amazed by the beautiful weather. “It was like this day was made just for her,” said one sister about Misato Matsuoka.

Family Peace Association encourages outdoor adventures like this one because it fosters self-reflection and spiritual growth. When we are freed from the distractions of modern civilization, we are given the opportunity to see ourselves for who we really are, affected equally by nature, no matter our status in society, and think deeply about our attitude and goals.



Spring Cleaning for the Spirit: Making a New Determination

Spring Cleaning for the Spirit: Making a New Determination

In some places the snow is finally melting and bright new flowers are starting to peek above the ground. After the dormancy of winter, the new beauty sprouting up around us is enough to put a spring in anyone’s step, energizing us to make a renewed determination. Many of us will use that energy to give some much-needed attention to our cluttered homes and work spaces. Spring cleaning helps those who want to get more organized, save time in the future, and learn more about what is most important to them at that time in their lives. In these ways, spring cleaning doesn’t just apply to your storage rooms and closets, but also your spirit.


Spring Cleaning Checklist:


1. Keep, Toss, Donate (Reflect)

Just as you would purge your closet of the clothes you no longer wear, whether ill-fitting or simply unappealing, you can reflect on your daily habits and attitude. Think about where you find the most value.

When you look at your closet, you have to wonder, “Where do I spend the most time?”or “Where do I WANT to spend the most time?” From here, you determine what outfits and accessories are essential and comfortable for your daily life. Some of us need appropriate clothing for adventure: hiking, water sports, horseback-riding, and other endless outdoor activities. A totally different wardrobe will belong to someone who works in a professional office, or is a university student who adorns him or herself in school colors, or someone who works from home in comfortable yoga pants.

In what areas do you want to spend the most effort in to develop your spiritual life?

You can think about cleaning out your “Spiritual closet” as a chance to reflect on the habits and attitudes you need to ‘keep, toss, or donate.’ Keep habits and attitudes that motivate you to live for the sake of others; toss those that only serve you; and, as a mentor and brother or sister, donate your best practices to others.


2. Organizing (Applying)

After you have gone through the process of “purging your closet,” the next step is organizing everything that is left. You reflected on the habits and attitude that you would like to have as part of your daily life, so how do you want to implement them? It’s not enough to just talk about the things you would like to do or the reactions you would like to have to any given situation.

To substantially apply what you reflected on, you need to make a plan. Organize your goals for positive habits by placing them in your daily schedule.


3. Staying Clean (Habits)

It’s easy to feel good after a couple days of keeping your home clean after a major spring cleaning session, but how long does it last?

New resolutions are easy to create, but difficult to maintain. You reflected on your spiritual life, thought of ways to implement good habits and attitudes in daily life, and now the real test is making those wishful habits into… well, habits!

Remember that just as Spring Cleaning is a reoccurring phenomenon, the process of reflection, application, and creating more positive habits is all an ongoing part of growing your spirit. As human beings, we are not meant to only change once. It is important to continuously reflect and in this way, we can attain greater understanding of ourselves and other members of our global family.

Happy Spring! Get cleaning!

Testimonies from God’s Day Celebration in Edmonds, Washington, USA

Testimonies from God’s Day Celebration in Edmonds, Washington, USA

“On this day, we must return glory to God by offering all things to Him and giving thanks to Him in full sincerity. This is a day that our descendants will praise forevermore.” –Rev. Sun Myung Moon

The 50th True God’s Day offering table in Seoul, Korea.

True God’s Day was established by the Reverend Sun Myung Moon. This day is celebrated annually on the first day of the year by the lunar calendar, commemorating the Creator and Parent of our global family. Family Peace Association’s main event for the 50th True God’s Day on January 28, 2017 took place in Seoul, Korea.

The following are personal testimonies shared within the Edmonds, Washington FPA community during their local God’s Day celebration.

“Every day for me is God’s Day. I try to wake up every day and wonder what I’m doing right and how I can make an offering. I’ve never been big on special days and celebrations because I always felt every day is a celebration. We have to remember when we talk 30-on-1, it’s no different than talking 1-on-1. We’re the same family; We’re the same people. If I were to speak from my heart, every day is God’s Day. I’m not always successful, especially when I’m on the freeway I get really selfish. But what I learned from Father’s teaching and what I learned from our family is that every moment is precious and this is my family. Every day is God’s Day and every night is God’s night.” -Bill Haire

Bill Haire shares his heart at the 50th True God’s Day celebration in Edmonds, WA

“It’s very important to unite with what my father is doing. My father is usually in Japan for months at a time. But when he is here and he shares what he knows about Principle with us, it’s very good. I definitely learn a lot. It’s hard to always understand why he does what he does. He gives public lectures and you probably know him from all his bad jokes. But jokes aside, when he is talking about something serious – when he really talks about the important stuff – I can understand the importance of the father figure in the family.” -Koji Mito

“On a personal level for me, one word that I’ve really come to see as tremendously profound is gratitude. I realize how little I knew about gratitude but it is one of the best ways to connect to Heavenly Father, whether it be in the huge things or most minute things.” -Maruko Breland

“One lesson we learned from a previous Hoon dok Hwe is that parents should lead by example – not just by words. Since then, Karilee and I have been discussing how we can be better role models for our children. They’re going to inherit a lot of the habits we have, everything from what food we eat or what daily discipline we have. So when we tell kids they have to do this and that, we have to think, ‘Are we setting the example?’ So when we have a task, we do it together; everyone has their role. To educate our kids, we have to lead by example.” -Kenshu Aoki

Maruko Breland shares about the importance of gratitude

“As a young family with small children, it’s challenging to get people together and explain things because they don’t like sitting. But that’s why it’s important to not just tell them to do stuff but show how we are living it. For little kids, it’s the small things that make a big difference. It’s important to not just go through the motions.” -Karilee Aoki

“It’s important to think about how can we take the blessings we have and share this culture of heart with others, our coworkers and friends. We can be more consistent in that way and make God happy.” -Johnathan Yakawich

“Today is God’s Day. When I think about it, in our lives we are 24/7 busy with our schedule. I think ‘I don’t have money,’ but I have a car and house. I thank God for giving me a beautiful wife and these four children. When I think about this, I am humble before God. I can’t even thank God enough for what I have accomplished. What I have, when I compare it with the outside world, I am one of the billionaires actually. I have a million things to thank God for.” -Pradit Thongdee

“God has really shown me that a husband is very special. I’m grateful to God and True Parents. Daily life is not easy. I myself try very hard to feel God but it’s not easy, like climbing a mountain every day. I try very hard to connect to God.” -Niyom Thongdee


Pradit Thongdee shares testimony next to his wife, Niyom Thongdee.



“One will not succeed if one makes effort without jungsung, but only with greed.” – Rev. Sun Myung Moon

What is Jungsung?

Simply translated from Korean, jungsung means “sincere devotion.” It is this heart of true love, to live for the sake of others, that exemplifies the natural sacrificial heart seen between family members and especially in parents.

Why does Jungsung Matter?

Jungsung matters because all people are inherently spiritual beings. As children from the same Parent, we have equal potential to express love, devotion, and sincerity to each other as members of the same human family. We are deeply affected and inspired by the sincerity and genuine attitude of others.

Offering jungsung in one’s daily life takes conscious, intentional effort. It is not the same as meeting certain expected requirements, but actually going above and beyond, seeking to reach the highest standard possible, not for the sake of praise or self-recognition, but out of a desire to serve others. This longing to give love to other people, to truly love humanity, is the force that opens up our greatest potential. With this attitude, we can learn more about ourselves and the world and become like water; capable of filling every crack, flexible and flowing to accept any challenge.