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“A world of peace through God-Centered families”

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The Family Peace Association seeks to enlighten humanity by uplifting our spiritual consciousness through universal principles and values rooted in God-centered families.


“ A world of peace through God-centered families”

Since its founding, FPA has expanded into a global movement of individuals, families and organizations inspired to create God-centered families as the basis of a world of peace.

Why “Family Peace Association”?

Why Association?

The Family Peace Association is an association, whereby each family maintains their individual autonomy and responsibilities. Our role is to provide a meeting point for like-minded families to work together on their journey to build God-centered families. Our platforms help expand effective practices and supportive networks in this meaningful cause. 

Family Peace Association operates in 13 different countries in 4 continents to support the building of God-centered families. Through programs connected to children’s education, youth empowerment, campus engagement, marriage enhancement, etc., Family Peace Association provides its members programs to create strong, healthy families and thriving local communities

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Why Family Peace?

From the moment we are born, we are born into a family. Family is where we first experience life’s truths and form our first social bonds and relationships. As the most important human institution, it is within the family that we cultivate the attitude, habits, and mindset through which we interact with greater society. As such, families have enormous potential to create peace starting at the level of individuals, to communities, nations and the world.

Family is a sacred institution where God’s original vision of creation was meant to take root. When a family puts God and universal principles at its center, it creates the best possible conditions for love, life and human flourishing. By understanding God’s ideal of a peaceful human family, we can develop the mindset to serve the greater human family, thus bringing positive benefit to all those around us.