About Us


A world of peace through God-centered families.


The Family Peace Association seeks to enlighten humanity by uplifting our spiritual consciousness through universal principles and values rooted in God-centered families.

Spiritual Perspectives

All people are members of the human family and possess infinite value as unique creations of God.

All people have the ability to achieve greatness in the eyes of God by


Taking responsibility to fully develop one’s individual potential through embracing life’s challenges as opportunities for growth.


Cultivating a loving family that continuously seeks truth, stands for what is right, and serves the greater good.


Being responsible stewards of the natural world.


Dr. Hyun Jin P. Moon and his wife Dr. Junsook Moon are driven by their love for God and care for humanity that informs their conviction that all people are endowed by God with intrinsic value and inalienable rights. To this end, they have been tireless fighters for peace and outspoken advocates for human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Dr. and Mrs. Moon work together with leaders that cover multiple sectors, from the grassroots and heads of state, non-profit and business, religious and public, to uplift leadership that is driven by vision and guided by moral principles and a heart of service. Together with this network of leaders they are transforming nations and regions to bring peace and prosperity in the world.

Dr. Hyun Jin Moon is a two-time Olympic athlete who attended the 1988 Seoul Olympic and 1992 Barcelona Olympic and a graduate of Columbia University majoring in history with a Master of Business Administration from Harvard Business School. Dr. Jun Sook Moon graduated with a Masters of Music from The Juilliard School. They both graduated from Unification Theological Seminary with a Masters in Religious Education. Dr. Hyun Jin Moon has received professor honoris causa from the Uni-Anhanguera University Center of Goias in Brazil.

Dr. and Mrs. Moon are proud parents of nine children and growing number of grandchildren.