More than a hundred people attended a two-day Family Camp at  Bulacan province in the Philippines on April 21 and 22. The camp sought to draw out the unique and important learning process that happens in the family. Family Peace Association (FPA) emphasizes that the family is the primary school for character and the social development children carry throughout their lives.

Families share during the Family Night about the kind of family they want to build together.

Families participated in a variety of ice-breaker activities and team-building challenges, and a heart-felt “Family Night” where parents, children, and friends shared stories around the campfire.

Yoo Shin Tanai, from the United States, was one of several international attendees at the family camp. Unlike most camp participants, his own family was not with him, however, he shared a relatable experience of ‘family’ through his recent participation in international service projects through FPA. He was grateful to share how these travels around the world gave him “rich learning experiences” from the various cultures he had encountered and come to embrace as his ‘extended family’. “I could feel so much internal energy at times, wanting to invest even more for the sake of others, which I think is God’s heart of joy,” said Yoo Shin. The opportunity to meet and share meals with people from so many cultural backgrounds became a life-changing experience for Yoo Shin who was able to reaffirm his belief that family values can extend beyond the lines of culture, religion, and any other background.

Family members gather together to talk about their family values.

Fathers, mothers, sisters, and brothers shared similar moving stories and all listened intently.

Afterward, teenagers and young adults played basketball and other sports together while children participated in fun games that taught family values.

The Family Camp gave families an important opportunity to play, talk, and simply share meals together. It gave parents and children, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives a moment together to reaffirm their love for one another, their hopes and dreams for one another, and their shared values.