Bill may seem like just another rugged New Yorker at first glance, especially if you catch him in traffic. But, underneath the tough exterior, he is someone that many affectionately call, “Uncle Bill.”

He’s genuine and really takes the time to invest in others. Every day he feels blessed by his wife, children and other family in his life. For him, they make every day a celebration of God and family.

“Every day for me is God’s day,” he says. “I try to wake up every day and wonder what I’m doing right and how I can make an offering.”

His love stems from a conviction that all people are members of one family created by God.

“We have to remember when we talk 30-on-1, it’s no different than talking 1-on-1. We’re the same family; We’re the same people. If I were to speak from my heart, every day is God’s Day. I’m not always successful, especially when I’m on the freeway I get really selfish. But what I learned from our family is that every moment is precious and this is my family. You are my family.”

Uncle Bill treats people like family – the rough and the soft. His genuine heart is a key ingredient that he brings to building a community where people can foster trust and have a place to spiritually grow and mature.