Being married and raising kids is hard work. Sometimes we get lost in the hustle and bustle of keeping up with our “to-do” list. Pradit and Niyom, who have four kids and a busy working life, remind us that taking a moment to be grateful helps us see all the ways that our lives are blessed.

“In our lives it feels like we are busy 24/7,” said Pradit. “Sometimes I think, ‘I don’t have money.’ But I have a car and a house. I thank God for giving me a beautiful wife and these four children. When I think about this, I am humble before God. I can’t even thank God enough for what I have accomplished. I have a billion things to thank God for. In that way, I am actually a billionaire.”

His wife, Niyom, chimed in, “God has really shown me that a husband is very special.”

She’s also real about the challenges of life. “Daily life is not easy. I myself try very hard to feel God but it’s not easy, like climbing a mountain every day.”

She reminds us of the intentional effort it takes to building personal relationships, with God and our family. As we climb these mountains, taking a moment to say, “Thank you,” allows us to appreciate the journey of the climb, and the blessings that surround us: family, friends, personal and the opportunities God presents to help us grow into stronger, more loving people.

It also helps us marvel at the view when we get when reach the top, which is almost always worth every step it took to get there.