“Actions speaks louder than words,” is an often heard adage that comes to life in the everyday life of parents.  As we raise our children to become people of character, it is important to remember that we must first reflect qualities they can then aspire to make their own.

Kenshu and Karilee are parents of five children. One of the most important lessons they learned after becoming parents: lead by example, not just by words, a lesson that they recently reaffirmed during a weekly family study circle. 

“Our children are going to inherit a lot of the habits we have, everything from what food we eat or what daily discipline we have. So when we tell kids they have to do this and that, we have to think, ‘Are we setting the example?’ So when we have a task, we do it together; everyone has a role. To educate our kids, we have to lead by example.”

Parents are leaders in their own homes. The best leaders know the importance of being a role model. By manifesting a healthy lifestyle both physically and spiritually, and not just talking about it, parents not only help kids better understand what to do, but it also fosters trust and respect between parents and their children.

What are values that you want to pass on to your children?

How would you rate your example of that value?