Seattle, Washington: Ten middle and high school students demonstrated their passion for God-centered leadership today at the kickoff for a fundraising campaign as part of Junior Leadership Task Force (Jr. LTF).

Kenshu Aoki talks about spiritual growth and leadership

As a leadership training program, Jr. LTF is a Family Peace Association platform that incorporates cognitive, experiential and spiritual education while encouraging candidates to apply those lessons to their daily life.

Kenshu Aoki introduced the theme of the fundraising project, “Taking Ownership over my Leadership Training.” He emphasized the importance of challenge to personal growth, explaining how fundraising not only contributes a great service to those in need, but also provides an opportunity to set jungsung, a sincere heart to live for the sake of others.

Fundraising also provides individuals with a unique opportunity for self-discovery. “You can grow your character through fundraising” said Kenshu. “For example, You might find yourself getting frustrated at your partner for some reason. In that moment, you can either get upset or see it as an opportunity to grow your love and patience for others. It teaches you lessons for life.”

Jr. LTF prepares for a week of fundraising with handmade boxes

In preparation for the fundraising campaign, Jr. LTF practiced by role-playing with their teammates. Partners worked together to carefully assembled products and portfolios before a quick fundraising run to kick-off the campaign.

Jr. LTF USA fundraisers will spend a week raising money to support villages in Indonesia. FPA will partner with organizations that combine solar technology with clean water solutions, education, income generation and public-private partnerships to improve the overall quality of life in impoverished communities.

Jr. LTF members from around the world will join the full ten-day program in Indonesia starting on July 30.

Koichi Mito explains fundraising goals