Leadership Task Force (LTF) provides opportunities for young adults to practice and develop leadership skills that continually benefit the people they serve. Service projects are a major component of helping LTF participants reflect on their own spiritual growth and put their determinations into action.

In December 2016, LTF went to Nepal to perform a series of service projects. Namsik Yoo from the United States shared his reflection on fundraising to prepare for the service trip.

Namsik Yoo

“What I realized when preparing for all the activities is that none of this is prepared or realized for my own sake or for the sake of our LTF team. But, LTF came here, I came here, for a purpose greater than ourselves or myself. For some reason, this point kept coming into my mind whenever I was preparing for each activity and whenever we were wrapping up each activity. I realize that the reason was that before coming to Nepal, what I or what my team members would constantly emphasize whenever fundraising or when we would plan our activities, is that everything we are doing is for the sake of Nepal.

Whenever I was going through a hardship during fundraising, I would always tell myself to think about the children who are waiting for us in Nepal. Whenever planning out the activities with my team members, I would keep asking myself, ‘What do the Nepali people need?’ Hence, if I had just gone to Nepal with everything already prepared and I had not done anything before coming, then there would be nothing I could offer besides small external service work and making friends. Most importantly, without the internal preparation, I would not be able to contribute in allowing the people we meet to feel any sort of transformation. The fundraising that we did was not just simply raising money to support the activities we will be doing in Nepal, and the project planning was not just simply organizing the activities, but this was a process of setting jungsung for something greater than ourselves.”  -NAMSIK YOO, USA