In some places the snow is finally melting and bright new flowers are starting to peek above the ground. After the dormancy of winter, the new beauty sprouting up around us is enough to put a spring in anyone’s step, energizing us to make a renewed determination. Many of us will use that energy to give some much-needed attention to our cluttered homes and work spaces. Spring cleaning helps those who want to get more organized, save time in the future, and learn more about what is most important to them at that time in their lives. In these ways, spring cleaning doesn’t just apply to your storage rooms and closets, but also your spirit.


Spring Cleaning Checklist:


1. Keep, Toss, Donate (Reflect)

Just as you would purge your closet of the clothes you no longer wear, whether ill-fitting or simply unappealing, you can reflect on your daily habits and attitude. Think about where you find the most value.

When you look at your closet, you have to wonder, “Where do I spend the most time?”or “Where do I WANT to spend the most time?” From here, you determine what outfits and accessories are essential and comfortable for your daily life. Some of us need appropriate clothing for adventure: hiking, water sports, horseback-riding, and other endless outdoor activities. A totally different wardrobe will belong to someone who works in a professional office, or is a university student who adorns him or herself in school colors, or someone who works from home in comfortable yoga pants.

In what areas do you want to spend the most effort in to develop your spiritual life?

You can think about cleaning out your “Spiritual closet” as a chance to reflect on the habits and attitudes you need to ‘keep, toss, or donate.’ Keep habits and attitudes that motivate you to live for the sake of others; toss those that only serve you; and, as a mentor and brother or sister, donate your best practices to others.


2. Organizing (Applying)

After you have gone through the process of “purging your closet,” the next step is organizing everything that is left. You reflected on the habits and attitude that you would like to have as part of your daily life, so how do you want to implement them? It’s not enough to just talk about the things you would like to do or the reactions you would like to have to any given situation.

To substantially apply what you reflected on, you need to make a plan. Organize your goals for positive habits by placing them in your daily schedule.


3. Staying Clean (Habits)

It’s easy to feel good after a couple days of keeping your home clean after a major spring cleaning session, but how long does it last?

New resolutions are easy to create, but difficult to maintain. You reflected on your spiritual life, thought of ways to implement good habits and attitudes in daily life, and now the real test is making those wishful habits into… well, habits!

Remember that just as Spring Cleaning is a reoccurring phenomenon, the process of reflection, application, and creating more positive habits is all an ongoing part of growing your spirit. As human beings, we are not meant to only change once. It is important to continuously reflect and in this way, we can attain greater understanding of ourselves and other members of our global family.

Happy Spring! Get cleaning!