“On this day, we must return glory to God by offering all things to Him and giving thanks to Him in full sincerity. This is a day that our descendants will praise forevermore.” –Rev. Sun Myung Moon

The 50th True God’s Day offering table in Seoul, Korea.

True God’s Day was established by the Reverend Sun Myung Moon. This day is celebrated annually on the first day of the year by the lunar calendar, commemorating the Creator and Parent of our global family. Family Peace Association’s main event for the 50th True God’s Day on January 28, 2017 took place in Seoul, Korea.

The following are personal testimonies shared within the Edmonds, Washington FPA community during their local God’s Day celebration.

“Every day for me is God’s Day. I try to wake up every day and wonder what I’m doing right and how I can make an offering. I’ve never been big on special days and celebrations because I always felt every day is a celebration. We have to remember when we talk 30-on-1, it’s no different than talking 1-on-1. We’re the same family; We’re the same people. If I were to speak from my heart, every day is God’s Day. I’m not always successful, especially when I’m on the freeway I get really selfish. But what I learned from Father’s teaching and what I learned from our family is that every moment is precious and this is my family. Every day is God’s Day and every night is God’s night.” -Bill Haire

Bill Haire shares his heart at the 50th True God’s Day celebration in Edmonds, WA

“It’s very important to unite with what my father is doing. My father is usually in Japan for months at a time. But when he is here and he shares what he knows about Principle with us, it’s very good. I definitely learn a lot. It’s hard to always understand why he does what he does. He gives public lectures and you probably know him from all his bad jokes. But jokes aside, when he is talking about something serious – when he really talks about the important stuff – I can understand the importance of the father figure in the family.” -Koji Mito

“On a personal level for me, one word that I’ve really come to see as tremendously profound is gratitude. I realize how little I knew about gratitude but it is one of the best ways to connect to Heavenly Father, whether it be in the huge things or most minute things.” -Maruko Breland

“One lesson we learned from a previous Hoon dok Hwe is that parents should lead by example – not just by words. Since then, Karilee and I have been discussing how we can be better role models for our children. They’re going to inherit a lot of the habits we have, everything from what food we eat or what daily discipline we have. So when we tell kids they have to do this and that, we have to think, ‘Are we setting the example?’ So when we have a task, we do it together; everyone has their role. To educate our kids, we have to lead by example.” -Kenshu Aoki

Maruko Breland shares about the importance of gratitude

“As a young family with small children, it’s challenging to get people together and explain things because they don’t like sitting. But that’s why it’s important to not just tell them to do stuff but show how we are living it. For little kids, it’s the small things that make a big difference. It’s important to not just go through the motions.” -Karilee Aoki

“It’s important to think about how can we take the blessings we have and share this culture of heart with others, our coworkers and friends. We can be more consistent in that way and make God happy.” -Johnathan Yakawich

“Today is God’s Day. When I think about it, in our lives we are 24/7 busy with our schedule. I think ‘I don’t have money,’ but I have a car and house. I thank God for giving me a beautiful wife and these four children. When I think about this, I am humble before God. I can’t even thank God enough for what I have accomplished. What I have, when I compare it with the outside world, I am one of the billionaires actually. I have a million things to thank God for.” -Pradit Thongdee

“God has really shown me that a husband is very special. I’m grateful to God and True Parents. Daily life is not easy. I myself try very hard to feel God but it’s not easy, like climbing a mountain every day. I try very hard to connect to God.” -Niyom Thongdee


Pradit Thongdee shares testimony next to his wife, Niyom Thongdee.