“One will not succeed if one makes effort without jungsung, but only with greed.” – Rev. Sun Myung Moon

What is Jungsung?

Simply translated from Korean, jungsung means “sincere devotion.” It is this heart of true love, to live for the sake of others, that exemplifies the natural sacrificial heart seen between family members and especially in parents.

Why does Jungsung Matter?

Jungsung matters because all people are inherently spiritual beings. As children from the same Parent, we have equal potential to express love, devotion, and sincerity to each other as members of the same human family. We are deeply affected and inspired by the sincerity and genuine attitude of others.

Offering jungsung in one’s daily life takes conscious, intentional effort. It is not the same as meeting certain expected requirements, but actually going above and beyond, seeking to reach the highest standard possible, not for the sake of praise or self-recognition, but out of a desire to serve others. This longing to give love to other people, to truly love humanity, is the force that opens up our greatest potential. With this attitude, we can learn more about ourselves and the world and become like water; capable of filling every crack, flexible and flowing to accept any challenge.