Building God-Centered Families

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We are a worldwide network of families striving to create
God-centered families as the foundation of a world of peace.

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Featured Initiatives

The Family Peace Association provides a platform for our members to develop and share resources that support families as they cultivate strong, healthy families and thriving communities. 

Spiritual Growth

The Family Peace Association inspires individuals with the opportunity to respond to the Calling from God and coordinates collective efforts to fulfill The Great Blessings; Spiritual Maturity, Raising Good Children, and Stewardship over Creation. (Gen. 1:28-Be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth, and subdue it)


God-Centered Family

Peaceful families are the substantial building blocks for a peaceful world. The Family Peace Association brings a new approach to spiritual life with a core focus on discipline for the entire family based on The Four Ethics: (to embody) True Love, (to pursue the) Truth, (to pursue) Righteousness, and (to live for the greater) Goodness.

Core Values Academy

Living for the Greater Good, Ownership, Teamwork, and Dream Big are Core Values that The Family Peace Association advocates in its education. The Core Values Academy contains various training programs to develop the whole aspect of human life, from childhood to parentship.

family peace academy

Leadership Task Force

A one-year leadership training program designed for college-age youth focused on cultivating character and leadership to lead in their family, community, nation, and world. Short term programs for participants who are available only during limited periods and Jr. Leadership Task Force for high school age group are also established.


The Family Peace Association believes marriage is a blessing from God that grants couples based on true love the gift of co-creation with God as they build God-centered families. FPA is continuously developing its marriage education that provides the foundation for truly happy and meaningful marriage and families.


Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor Adventure Programs offer youth, individuals and families experiential learning opportunities in God’s pristine Creation. Immersed in a wilderness setting, participants have the opportunity to apply theoretical principles in a challenging environment that tests and cultivates their character and spirit.


Dr. Hyun Jin P. Moon and Dr. Junsook Moon

Dr. and Mrs. Moon founded the Family Peace Association to help people establish God-centered families that uphold universal principles and shared values, the foundation for the well-being of all people and a world of peace. Recognizing that families are the most fundamental unit of every society, they work across religions, nationalities, and ethnicity.